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INA (an abbreviation of the German term Industrie-Nadellager, which translates as "industrial needle bearings") was founded in 1946 in the post-war West German city of Herzogenaurach.

Founded by the brothers Georg and Wilhelm Scheffler, the company initially produced household items from wood or other materials, but soon expanded and then concentrated on the production of metal items, in particular needle bearings (игольчатие подпишники), from which the now well-known brand name INA originates (although The company's co-founder, Georg Schaefer, half-jokingly-half-seriously always claimed that the acronym INA came from the German words Immer Neue Aufgaben, meaning "always new tasks". 

Thanks to Georg Scheffler's innovative needle bearing solution, the company quickly became a market leader, and since 1953, all cars produced in West Germany and the United States have INA needle bearings.

The company is currently a world leader in the production of toothed seals and belts (ролики, ремень) and cooperates with almost all European and many non-European car manufacturers.

INA currently has 75 plants in more than 50 countries around the world as well as numerous research centers. The INA brand, as well as FAG and LuK, are currently owned by the Schaeffler Group.

INA brand is officially represented on the Armenian market by Drive Motors.

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