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The Mahle company was founded in 1920 in Germany as a small enterprise and was originally named after its founder, engineer and businessman Helmut Hirth. Herman Mahle joined the team in the first year of the workshop's operation, and two years later, his brother Ernst Mahle. Under the leadership of the brothers, the company quickly turned into a serious company, merging with other companies and in 1938 receiving the familiar name Mahle.

During that time, the company had managed to make a name for itself in the production of engine pistons (поршень), as well as creating air and oil filters.

During the Second World War, like many German manufacturers, the company lost most of its assets, but from 1948 it recovered rapidly. 

Today, Mahle has grown into one of the giants of the auto parts industry, employing more than 77,000 people in many countries around the world and ranking among the twenty largest manufacturers in its industry.

For years, Mahle has been producing high-quality and durable filters and a variety of engine parts for both major engine manufacturers and the aftermarket.  

Drive Motors is the official distributor of MAHLE brand in Armenia.

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