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The LuK company was founded in 1965 in Bühl, Germany by the brothers Georg and Wilhelm Scheffler, who had previously founded the INA company. Later, these two companies, as well as FAG, merged into the Schaeffler Group corporation.

The company specializes in the production of car clutch and transmission systems.

LuK's high-quality products began to successfully conquer world markets within a few years of its establishment. Currently, it would be impossible to service the products of DaimlerChrysler, Ford, Volvo, Jaguar, BMW, Rover, PSA, Nissan, Ranault, Fiat, CNH, Volkswagen and a number of other car concerns without the various parts created by this brand.  

LuK is a leader not only in the production of automotive transmission systems and other related parts, but also in their improvement and innovation. Thanks to all this, the company's name is associated with a number of solutions that make gearing smooth for both manual and automatic cars and ensure their durability.

Drive Motors is the official distributor of LUK brand in Armenia.

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