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EnduroVision is a new product line of the famous Japanese brand Denso, which entered the market in 2016. Currently, the brand offers 1,700 products related to windshield wipers for almost all makes of cars. With an annual production of more than 100 million units, EnduroVision has gained recognition and approval in the widest circles in a short time in the spare parts market, thanks to the most advantageous quality-price ratio.   

Windshield wipers of this brand are manufactured using technologies and solutions typical of products in a relatively high price segment, and are distinguished by excellent operational characteristics, offering all this at the most affordable prices.  

The company's windshield wipers are designed to evenly distribute pressure across the cleaning surface to avoid nicks and scratches, with a natural rubber base.
the prepared insert contributes to the effective cleaning of the windshield and the silent operation of the windshield wiper, and the aerodynamic features are taken into account in the design.  

The EnduroVision brand is officially represented on the Armenian market by Drive Motors.

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