The American Delphi brand has been known in the world of cars for more than 100 years. This name is strongly associated with such innovations in the past, without which it would be difficult to imagine a modern car. Let's be content with mentioning some of them: the car radiator (1911), the world's first car heater (1929), the first car air conditioner (1954).

The company offers a wide selection of the most diverse auto parts, including parts and complete solutions for electronics, electrical, security and thermal insulation systems, made at a high level and using the latest technologies and raw materials.

Delphi supplies auto parts for 25 world leading car manufacturers. The company has production capacities in 270 cities of the world, with 100,000 employees, as well as research and design centers in 32 countries of the world, in which the most diverse auto parts, the latest technical solutions and systems to be presented on the market are designed, tested and improved.

Drive Motors is the official distributor of Delphi brand in Armenia.

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